We've been conditioned to believe that we are flawed, broken, or not enough, and the saddest part is that we believe this lie. Be Visible Light was created to show that there is a light inside all beings, so bright that once realized and recognized, nothing can put it out. By being Visible Light, we embody and accept the Divinity that is each one of us. We aim to tap into this inner power through education about wellness and living a healthy lifestyle. Once we begin our path of wellness, we find we are all capable of so much more than we are aware of; most of us have simply forgotten our strength.  We are here to remind you of that inner strength … and to invite you to:

Be Visible Light. 


About Patty

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As a young girl one of my favorite things in life was to make people smile. As I've gotten older I have found my passion in helping others be the best and brightest version of themselves. In order for me to do this, I must first be the brightest version of myself. How is this achieved? First, I do as much good to as many people as often as possible. I am a practitioner and teacher of yoga, I exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, and eat clean, healthy, and organic (whenever possible ;) food. Everyday I feel deep gratitude for my life, my kids, my food, and especially the challenges and hardships that I come across. We should feel excited when we uncover a fear or an obstacle, once we face and work through it, we will have learned and grown exponentially. Being the Visible Light isn't easy; this is the path less traveled, the journey against the stream, and it takes courage, drive, determination, and strength. I feel that it is my purpose to share my light with the world and guide people to stepping into their brightest most authentic selves.