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The Mini - 1 person / $25

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Eggs:  $6 /Dozen

Quail Eggs: $5 /Dozen

Honey: $11 /16oz

Honeycomb: 8oz  /$15 

Coffee: (1/2lb bags) 2/$11 or 4/$20

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Meet Our Farmers/Vendors

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Coldwater Creek Farms: 

Coldwater Creek Farms is a century old organic farm located in Gold Hill NC run by Brad Hincley and Donna Clark. In addition to their organically raised vegetables, they also grow and stone-grind their own grains, producing some the the area's finest whole wheat flour, cornmeal, and grits. 

Brad has over 19 years of organic farming experience. He started by growing cut flowers and then progressed into growing vegetables. Brad is a founding member of New River Organic Growers. He has a passion for farming and believes that if you do what you love you never work a day in your life.

Donna has a passion for growing food and cooking. She worked various positions in the food industry for eighteen years on the central coast of New Jersey. She fit into farming naturally when she began in 2012, understanding the nature of the food industry. Donna has a 15 year old son, Taylor, who is involved in the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and attends the farmers market every week to help sell the produce they grow. 

They believe that growing organically without chemicals is the most sustainable for our Earth, our bodies, and for the future generations. 

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The Pennell Barn:

What started as a hobby for Paul and Anita Pennell, soon turned into a way of life. Together they have been growing their own food using organic practices for over 12 years. They agreed that they wanted to know exactly what was in their food and took on the project of making that happen.

From their farm comes a variety of greens, heirloom vegetables, a vast variety of heirloom tomatoes, and the most succulent melons one can find in South Carolina. Also available at the farm is maple syrup from their family's farm in Vermont. 


Past UR Time Farm

Past Ur Time Farm is a 150 acre family farm where all livestock is raised naturally and on pasture. Their goal is to provide quality pasture raised and grass fed products. Their animals are raised humanely with lots of open green space to move around in, ample shelters, fresh water and plenty of quality human interaction and attention.

Steve DeMilt is a career business professional originally from New York and coming to NC after many years in South Florida. Julie DeMilt is also a business professional originally from Kansas and moved to NC from South Florida.  Although neither came from a farm or farm family, they had a passion to run a small farm, embrace the farm lifestyle and manage it as a small business. 


Hardscrabble Hollow Farm

In the words of Larry and Anita:

"As modern farmers, we follow the tenet that if you are good to the land, it will be good to you. We do not use chemicals. No matter whether it is animal, vegetable or mineral, all that we do is done in a natural way. We are pesticide and herbicide free. All livestock are pastured, and all plants are fed a composted material provided by the livestock. Some folks would say this is the old-fashioned way. We don’t quarrel with that."